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 The Cake Aid logo features a whimsical yet elegant design, with a stylized cake icon incorporated into the lettering. The color palette includes soft pastel tones such as pink, teal, and gold to evoke a sense of sweetness and sophistication.

Business Card: Front of the business card:

  • Logo prominently displayed at the Center.
  • Name of the contact person and their position.
  • Contact details (phone number, email address, website).
  • A visually appealing background with subtle cake-themed patterns.

Back of the business card:

  • Blank space for writing additional notes or appointments.
  • Optional QR code linked to the Cake Aid website for easy access to products and services.

Letterhead: The Cake Aid letterhead features the logo centered at the top, with contact information aligned to the right. The background incorporates a watermark of cake illustrations to reinforce the brand theme. The font selection is clean and modern, ensuring readability while maintaining a professional appearance.

Font Selection: For the Cake Aid branding, we recommend using a combination of playful yet legible fonts that complement the whimsical nature of the brand. Here are some font options:

  • Primary Font (for headings and prominent text):

    • Font Name: Playfair Display
    • Description: This elegant serif font adds a touch of sophistication to the branding, perfect for logo design and headings.
  • Secondary Font (for body text and smaller elements):

    • Font Name: Montserrat
    • Description: Montserrat is a versatile sans-serif font that offers excellent readability across various platforms. It complements the primary font while providing a modern touch to the brand messaging.